Canadian College of Educators

Mindful Reach is excited to announce their partnership with the Canadian College of Educators – one of Canada’s leading educational institutions. The Canadian College of Educators  is registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act and its mandate is to educate and train future educators to a degree of excellence by providing guidance, knowledge, resources, mentors, experience, up-to-date methodologies, and an institution that specializes and prides itself in turning great students into even greater teachers.

The graduates from the Mindful Teacher Certificate program can apply for one elective course credit towards the Adult Education Certificate program offered by the Canadian College of Educators.

To register for the Certificate in Mindful Teaching program please click the link below.

Certificate in Mindful Teaching

For further information please contact the Canadian College of Educators at [email protected]  for more details.


Self Authoring

Mindful practices can lead to self discovery. An effective practice in that discovery can be putting pen to paper.

Writing about uncertainty, past, present, and future, has multiple benefits. Such benefits do not just fall into typical self help arenas, as they encompass psychological well-being, physical health, cognitive ability and task performance.

Mindful Reach offers an extensive Self Authoring program through

For more information please visit our Self Authoring page.