The focus of this program is to help employees cultivate awareness and deal with thoughts, emotions, body and interplay between them in relation to high pressure work environment.

It provides employees with positive everyday strategies to build resilience, and tools to improve decision making and communication. The core values of this program lie in the effective management of stress in today’s fast pace workplace and in the reality that a successful organization cannot function without content employees.

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Mindful Reach understand the pressures on today’s leaders. Thus, it has developed a flex based series to fit in the busy schedules of today’s executives. Built on mindfulness practices, participants will learn to reduce and manage stress, remain composed under pressure and manage feelings that drive their behaviour. As we recognize that effective leaders empower and inspire others, the special focus is given to self-compassion and building persistence and resilience in times of change.

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The foundation principle of our Coaching series is a non-judgmental approach to a behavioural change. This is a one-on-one or a small team program that provides participants with practical tools for sustainable change. Through goal setting, specific mindful practices and reflections, we tap into willpower as a valuable resource and use stress as an ally not a foe.  We recognize the power and strength of participants’ intuition and support their needs at any stage of their change.

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A la carte

This theme-based short session series address specific requirements of organizations, teams and individuals. Through needs assessment, our experienced guiding staff directs the learning process by synthesizing information in a specific theme. The common aim to all a la carte sessions is to provide tools and techniques in order to improve social skills including communication and emotional regulation, to manage negative effects of emotions such as anxiety and stress, and to promote fulfillment through non-judgmental attention to the present moments.

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