Mindfulness in Yoga


The connection between mindfulness and yoga cannot be denied. Mindfulness as a mental component of yoga promotes intention of observing and exploring the boundary within the body. This program was designed to help yoga practitioners to bring mindfulness into their practice through attention to the art of non-doing and non-striving. Participants will learn how to tap into their body sensations and feelings by incorporating mindfulness into their routine. The emphasis is given on the deepening the benefits of the yoga through intentional focus and awareness.



This program is for those who practice and/or teach yoga. Through mindfulness topics, the participants will expand on their knowledge of mind body connection.

This three-level program was developed to allow yoga practitioners to:

  • optimize awareness of the body sensations when practicing yoga
  • incorporate mindfulness into yoga practice
  • increase attention of the mind-body relationship
  • become a conscious participant of the yoga movement
  • increase awareness of the now
  • enrich professional and personal life with mindfulness practices
  • bring self-acceptance and compassion into the yoga practice and beyond

The program consists of 3 sections with over 30 topics. The sections include:

  • overview of mindfulness including the history and the core principles
  • tangible mindfulness practices that manage ‘autopilot’ responses
  • tools and techniques on how to include mindfulness in the yoga practice that alter personal traits

The length of this program
150 hours

Type of the program

The two pathways in this program are:

  • personal development
  • yoga teacher/trainer

There are two tests in this program. The passing mark for the tests is 70%. The tests are mandatory for those requiring the Mindfulness in Yoga certificate. The processing fee for the certificate is $20 and it is sent by mail. If you are taking this program for your personal interest and do not require the certificate, the tests are not mandatory.


This is anytime anywhere program with 24/7 world-wide availability. Participants can start the course as soon as the registration is processed. They can go at their own pace or keep the pace recommended in the program. The program is mobile enabled.
Once registered for the program, you will receive an ID and a password that you can later personalize. The program remains open for one years after the initial day of the registration.