Emotional Resilience for Nurses (ERN)


Offered at no cost to Canadian Health Care Professionals – Emotional Resilience for Nurses (ERN) presents nurses with a structured approach that will help them deal with their daily stressors. (Please refer to the description below for more details).


There is evidence that nursing is one of the most stressful jobs in healthcare. In addition to physical demands, nurses face multifaceted emotional demands, long work hours including shift work and challenging interpersonal and intra-professional encounters.

Managing such responsibilities without effective strategies may cause a multitude of stress-related illnesses and it may contribute to lower self-esteem, irritability, sleep disturbance and burnout. Moreover, nursing stress impacts organizational outcomes. Emotional Resilience for Nurses program offers sustainable stress-management techniques, nurses can employ on daily basis to cope with their work pressures, and to improve their self-care.