Emotional Resilience for Teachers (ERT)


The Emotional Resilience Program for Teachers has been developed to improve emotional agility that leads to professional and personal resilience. The goal of this program is to help teachers manage stressful communication and provide tools for self-awareness, self-monitoring, self-care, thus increase job satisfaction and prevent burnout.



Balanced emotions are foundations to effective teaching. Today’s teachers struggle to keep up with the high demands from the administration, students, and parents – not to mention that their professional responsibilities often interfere with their personal life. Without effective coping mechanisms in place, they can suffer emotional and physical setbacks that can lead to stress, job dissatisfaction and burnout.

Emotional Resilience for Teachers (ERT) introduces practical sustainable and transferable strategies that will allow the teacher to step back, rebalance and refocus. With a long-term goal in mind, these techniques will reignite the inspiration for education and prevent burnout.

This three-level program was developed to help teachers to:

  • decrease emotional exhaustion
  • optimize awareness of emotional reactivity
  • decrease unproductive mood changes
  • bring about greater comfort in managing student-patient and teacher-staff relationship
  • provide a balance between personal and professional life
  • improve levels of mindfulness and resilience

This program consists of 3 sections with more than 35 topics. The sections include:

  • tools and techniques developed to provide a relief from challenging situations teachers might encounter every day
  • ’emotional retreat’ style exercises that support teachers in managing the persistent stressors

activities that deepen mind and body connection and enhance emotional healing to manage and/or prevent burnout

The length of ERT program
150 hours

Type of the program
This is a personal development program and it doesn’t include any tests. Participants are encouraged to keep a journal with their reflections.

This is anytime anywhere program with 24/7 world-wide availability. Participants can start the course as soon as the registration is processed. They can go at their own pace or keep the pace recommended in the program. The program is mobile enabled.
Once registered for the program, you will receive an ID and a password that you can later personalize. The program remains open for one years after the initial day of the registration.