Mindfulness – The Visual Learner

I am definitely a visual learner. Well, kinesthetic as well but mainly visual. I prefer minimal descriptors and minimal elements in my surroundings. Of course, this is a bit of an oxymoron because minimalist décor might be built of no elements at all. I remember what I see. To a fault. When I was studying at the university, I would often memorize 17 – 20 page papers that I wrote and I would mull it over in my dreams knowing exactly what was written were.



Through my studies of mindfulness, I’ve come across many visuals but there is a couple that  that I really like. One is from a course that I am taking from Stanford on Willpower and Change by Kelly McGonigal. Mindfulness practices help us get things done while strongly contributing to our resilience and perseverance. There is no mindfulness practice without intention. There is no goal achieved without specific action, And, there is no success without attention. All these three elements power any mindfulness practice.

Mindful Reach

Another Image that I find descriptive is from Mindfulness at Work for Dummies. In this very informative book, authors, Shamash Alidina and Juliet Adams explain that mindfulness is really awareness of emotions and thoughts in the body observed moment by moment, non-judgmentally with open curiosity. Their honey comb graph ties the ideas surrounding mindfulness to perfection.



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