Self Authoring – The road to resilience

Mindful practices can lead to self discovery. And a effective practice in that discovery can be putting pen to paper.

Writing about uncertainty, past, present, and future, has multiple benefits. Such benefits do not just fall into typical self help arenas, as they encompass psychological well-being, physical health, cognitive ability and task performance.

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Here is an abstract from their site.

Careful writing about traumatic or uncertain events, past, present or future, appears to produce a variety of benefits, physiological and psychological. Written accounts of trauma positively influence health. Recent investigations have shown that the explicit written description of an ideal future produces similar results. A large body of research conducted in the industrial and business domains also demonstrates that future authoring or goal-setting results in improved productivity and performance.

It appears possible that writing, which is a formalized form of thinking, helps people derive information from their experiences that helps them guide their perceptions, actions, thoughts and emotions in the present. Drawing specific, causal conclusions about life’s important events may also help reduce the burden of uncertainty and threat that may remain active, emotionally, even years after a traumatic event occurred. Clarifying purpose and meaning into the future helps improve positive emotion, which is associated with movement towards important goals, and reduces threat, which is associated with uncertainty and doubt, and which may be experienced as hopelessness, despair, and lack of meaning.

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It includes:

Present Authoring – Virtues ($14.95) & Faults ($14.95)

The Present Authoring Programs make the best starting point, as they are simpler than the Future and Past Programs. They have been designed to allow you to do an in-depth analysis of your own personality, including its negative (Faults) and positive (Virtues) elements. More Info

Future Authoring ($14.95)

The Future Authoring Program is designed to help you imagine your ideal future, three to five years down the road. What would your life be like if you could set it up in the manner that would be best for you? You will be asked to consider the people you admire, things you could do better, your educational and career goals, what habits you would like to improve, your family life, your social network, and your leisure activities. More Info

Past Authoring ($14.95)

It is difficult to know who you are, where you should go, or how you should get there, unless you know where you came from. The Past Authoring Program has therefore been designed to help you write a structured autobiography. It would be particularly useful to complete the Past Authoring Program if you have memories that are more than about eighteen months old that still intrude upon your thoughts, or that still evoke emotion such as fear, regret, shame or confusion. More Info

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